Man Gets Revenge After Being Ordered To Hide His Boat By Painting A Mural On His Fence

boat fence

Hey, all they told him was that he had to put up a fence.

Personally I love these kinds of stories. Nothing bugs me more than HOAs or local governments that try to control everything you do with your own private property. Oh no, my door isn’t painted one of your approved colors? F*ck off.

So that’s why it’s always so amusing to me when somebody gets some petty revenge on these overzealous regulators.

Well that’s exactly what Etienne Constable of Seaside, California did when he received a letter in July 2023 telling him that he had to build a 6-foot fence to cover up his boat that was sitting beside his house.

This is the kind of sh*t I’m talking about. What does it matter to anybody else if he has a boat sitting in his own driveway? He’s not hurting anybody. If you don’t like looking at it that sounds more like a you problem.

But anyway, after the city got their panties in a wad over the boat, Constable had a creative way to comply with the letter of the law and still get his revenge. So he did indeed build a 6-foot fence as required…and had a hyper-realistic mural of his boat painted on it.

There, is that better?

So far Constable says he hasn’t heard from the city on the mural, but something tells me they’re not too happy that he found a way to throw their ridiculous rules back in their face.

And he says that while he’s not trying to break the rules, he did want to send a message:

“I’m not a rule-breaker but I like to make a political statement as necessary as well as a humorous statement and a creative statement.”

I’d say the city got the message.

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