Horrified Children Watch As Polar Bear At San Diego Zoo Makes Short Work Of Duck That Flew Into Its Enclosure

polar bear
Viral Hog

You really hate to see it.

Unless you are one of those people that really likes to get your money’s worth when you go to the zoo. Then you (a sick, twisted individual) kind of enjoy seeing an animal in captivity still do wild animal things. Though I think we can all agree that it’s not great this polar bear made a duck its dinner right in front of a bunch of kids.

If you are thinking, “This story seems familiar,” you might have stumbled upon the piece we wrote about a bear gobbling up some ducklings right in front of zoo goers. It’s eerily similar, and struck a horrific chord with those who witnessed it in person just as it did with these people that watched a polar bear make short work of a poor, wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time duck.

Though zoo animals are somewhat domesticated, it doesn’t take very long for them to get back in touch with their wild instincts. Most of the time, animals are goners when they accidentally wander into the zoo exhibit of an apex predator. However, it didn’t exactly work out how you think it would for one goose that flew into a gorilla’s enclosure.

This duck, which flew into a polar bear’s place at the popular San Diego Zoo in California, probably wouldn’t have had much luck fighting back against this much larger beast. It’s only hope would have been to fly out of there just as fast as it came in, or possibly never land inside the polar bear exhibit in the first place.

It was as if the dinner bell sounded as soon as the duck hit the water. The polar bear showed an immediate interest in the winged creature once it arrived, and it wasn’t because it was curious. Based on how things went down, I’d guess the white-as-snow bear was a little on the hungry side.

When it launched its attack, it didn’t take long for the duck to be cooked, so to speak. The kids that were watching were either mesmerized by nature playing out right in front of them or horrified at the sight of the innocent duck getting turned into polar bear food.

According to the person that filmed this gnarly footage, the duck was just knocked out or playing dead during the clip. It was after the video stopped rolling when the polar bear brutally finished the job, though it did plenty of damage (both physically and psychologically) while the camera was still on:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock