Dashcam Captures Frightening Moment Brown Bear Charges A Truck & Crack Its Windshield

Bear attacks a truck

Nightmare fuel.

You would like to think that you’d be safe inside your vehicle if a wild animal were to work up the nerve to attack. However, this wild, terrifying footage out of Japan shows that you can’t always be so sure. After all, it’s called a windshield, not a “bear shield.”

The video that was released by police shows a small truck driving down a dirt road and coming to a stop when it spotted the brown bear up ahead. It appears that they had seen the large wild animal with enough time to avoid an accidental collision… or so they thought.

What the driver didn’t realize was that they had come in between a mother bear and her cub that was on the other side of the road (a slowed down portion of the video shows the baby bear on the other side). So it didn’t matter that the truck had stopped in time to see the brown bear, because the bruin ended up bringing the fight to the vehicle anyways.

The dash camera footage terrifyingly showed the sizable bruin sprinting right at the truck, going full attack mode as it stirred up dust from the dirt road it ran on. When the wild animal got to the windshield of the vehicle, it jumped up as it growled and started swiping and banging at the glass.

In the process, it ripped off one of the car’s windshield wipers, and sent a sprawling crack right through the middle of the glass. Like I alluded to before, the person driving must have been wondering if the car was going to be able to withstand the attack, and that was likely a terrifying moment.

When the brown bear got enough to one side of the vehicle, the driver gunned it to get away from the wild-animal-mauling and continued down the road at breakneck speed. And I don’t blame them either. If I had a broken windshield and an angry bear on my tail, I’d be trying to put plenty of mileage between myself and the violent bruin.

Fortunately, besides a broken windshield and a crooked windshield wiper, the driver was okay and was able to get away. Thanks to a dash camera, the scary event was captured on video for the entire world to see:

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