Mark Cuban Says His Playlist Used To Be “Anything But Country” – Until One Song Changed His Mind

Mark Cuban
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Need to get Jimmy Butler to help Cubes out with his playlist.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the ABC show Shark Tank, has apparently just discovered country music. But he says that until recently, his playlist was “ABC: Anything But Country.”

During a recent interview with GQ, the billionaire revealed the song that finally got him listening to country music:

“My playlist just changed 180 degrees about four months ago. 

I used to be an ABC guy. ABC is ‘Anything But Country.’

And I started listening to this song by Conner [Smith], ‘Creek Will Rise.’ I’m like, that’s got a beat. And I’m like, ‘Ok, this shit ain’t so bad.'”

And apparently that one song helped him dip his toe into the water to discover more country music:

“So if you listen to my playlist right now, it’s got some classic rock, it’s got some classic Tupac and Biggie and all that, it’s got some DMX, 2000s, it’s got some J. Cole and Drake, later stuff. But then you’re going to get a whole line of country.

‘What Was I Thinking,’ Dierks Bentley, ‘Creek Will Rise’ by Conner Smith, ‘Next Thing You Know,’ a bunch of Morgan Wallen songs…I’m like, I’m shocking myself. My ABC days are gone, and I’m actually listening to country.

And if you would have told me that six months ago, I would have laughed at you.”

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I mean, at least it’s a start. But as many pointed out in the comments, Cuban needs to move beyond the radio country. Check out some guys like Zach Bryan, or Charles Wesley Godwin, or some of the legends like Jones or Waylon or the Hag.

But hey, he’s not ABC anymore. So maybe we’ll hear Wallen, Luke Combs and Chris Stapleton in the Mavs arena soon…just like Jimmy Butler has playing in the Miami Heat locker room.

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