Uber Driver With Tourette’s Picks Up Passenger With Tourette’s, Making The Greatest Dash Camera Footage Ever

Uber passengers with tourettes

This video might be one of the best out there right now. And if not the best, a close second to the viral moment Walmart employee Gail Lewis is having.

An Uber driver shared her dashcam footage of a ride unlike any other but in the best way. Most people probably think this is an Uber ride horror story brewing, but it is far from it. The driver of the vehicle has tourettes and picked up a passenger with the same condition.

From the start of the video, it seems the two are having a normal conversation, chatting as most do with their Uber drivers. Suddenly, the woman driving experiences a tic. This tic also set off the man to have a tic, and then the two looked at each other, having a total Stepbrother, “Did we just become best friends?” moment.

“OH MY GOD, do you have Tourette’s too?” 

The passenger (who mildly resembles Santa Clause) says to the woman driving.

“Oh my god, do you have Tourette’s?”

And before she could fully get out her response, the man yelled, “Yes!” back at her. After they both get over their shock of discovering they both have the same condition, they start dying laughing, which in turn sets off their tics.

The next minute of the video will leave you with a side stitch. As they try to converse, they experience tics but die laughing all in the same breath. It’s chaotic yet tender in the same breath.

After lots of silent wheezing giggles, the woman told her passenger she was so glad he had such a good attitude about Tourette’s. She seemed so glad she was able to relate to someone on it, and he was beyond accepting of her tics because he experienced the same thing.

“I just think life is too short to be serious.” 

He says in response.

The whole video is so wholesome and so funny. This is the kind of dashcam footage this world needs more of.

I really hope these two kept in touch and became friends after this Uber ride.

@themothergothel Havent laughed so much in a long time 😂 #tourettes #uber #lol ♬ original sound – 🪻🪷🌼🌿MotherGothel🌿🌼🪷🪻

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