The Internet Is Cooking Ohio State’s Kyle McCord & Ryan Day For Costly Miscues In The Buckeyes’ Loss To Michigan

Ryan Day Ohio State
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You can only blame Michigan’s sign stealing so much for Ohio State’s shortcomings in The Game. Saturday’s 30-24 loss in Ann Arbor marked the Buckeyes’ third consecutive defeat in college football’s preeminent rivalry. Thus, head coach Ryan Day and quarterback Kyle McCord shouldered much of the blame.

Although McCord did make some quality throws throughout the afternoon, his early giveaway led to a short field and subsequent TD for the Wolverines.

Then, with a shot to drive Ohio State to victory in the final minute, McCord made the dubious decision to throw a fraction late over the middle to superstar Marvin Harrison Jr.

Unfortunately, left guard Donavan Jackson got put on his backside, and McCord got drilled right before he let the ball go, resulting in an INT by Rod Moore.

Tough looks for McCord. All things considered, in the midst of such a hostile environment, I’ll reiterate: The Buckeyes’ field general didn’t play that poorly. Just some ill-timed errors, wherein his inexperience and lack of functional mobility were exposed against a quality opponent littered with future NFL players.

Former Wolverines Heisman Trophy winner erupted after the final pick, while ex-OSU coach Urban Meyer was just trying to duck out of the way:

But we’re here to document the reactions of those who witnessed McCord botch his opportunity to become an instant Ohio State legend. Sorry, Kyle. To quote the movie Happy Gilmore, better luck next year. Unless, you know, another more dynamic 5-star QB beats you out in spring practices.

Quick aside: Those who screenshot plays to make a point don’t know ball. Continuing on…

As for Ryan Day, well, losing thrice in a row against Michigan after your predecessor Urban Meyer went 7-0 is going to draw the ire of Buckeye Nation. Especially when Jim Harbaugh isn’t even on the sidelines because of a suspension.

Day was just too cautious throughout the game, perhaps not trusting McCord enough to cut it loose. Whatever the reason for his conservatism, Day felt like a coach playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

Bathe in it, though, Ohio State stans. This is your head coach, in all likelihood, until further notice. Another caveat: Maybe Day and McCord will pack up and head to College Station to take over Texas A&M in the wake of Jimbo Fisher’s historic buyout.

Unclear where the Buckeyes go from here.

Life’s about to get a lot harder on offense without the likes of Marvin Harrison Jr. around. We’ll see if Ryan Day or Kyle McCord are around to see it through.

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