Watch This Wild Turkey Thrash A King Snake On California Golf Course

Wild turkey on golf course
Ramzizu Hattar

This guy ain’t no chicken.

Although it’s (probably) a myth that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of America, there’s no denying they have certain character traits that would serve us well to replicate as a society.

They have a strong and respected social order (most likely where the term “pecking order” came from), are courageous in attacking threats to the group and their young, create strong social bonds, and epitomize the strength in numbers argument.

But just because they want to be in groups doesn’t mean an individual one can’t make a statement, like we see in this video.

A golfer on a Novato, California golf course witnessed a wild turkey going to battle with a king snake to defend its nest. For some reason, I would have assumed these birds would be scared of a predatory snake, but this completely changed my perspective.

This turkey absolutely thrashed the snake around when it did get a quick hold of its beak and continuously pecking at it when the opportunity presented itself. I mean, this was a bell to bell unanimous decision for the bird.

While the video doesn’t show the end, the description leads you to believe the snake was laid to rest that day…

“A NorCal wild Turkey devours a large king snake on hole #1 at the golf club”

Hats off to the turkey.

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