Jelly Roll Brings Out Nelly For Surprise Performance Of “Hot In Herre” At The Grand Ole Opry

Jelly Roll Nelly

A special guest at the historic Grand Ole Opry.

Nelly at the Opry was not on my bingo card for 2023, but along with so many other events that happened this year that I thought never would…I’m never saying never for the remainder of the year.

Jelly Roll has been on a roll (sorry, bad joke) of bringing out killer guests. While they are not country music per se, they are all the voices behind iconic songs of the past decades—first Afroman and now Nelly.

Last night, the rapper-turned-country star headlined The Big 98 Friendsgiving, a charity concert for St. Jude at the Grand Ole Opry featuring Jelly Roll, Riley Green, Chris Janson and more.

And during his portion of the show, Jelly Roll surprised the crowd and brought out the legendary rapper Nelly for a performance of “Hot In Herre.”

Now, when I say it looked like people were banging on the historic building roof, it seemed THAT electric.

Jelly Roll kicks off the song with the iconic intro and asks the crowd if they are looking to have a little fun. At this point, fans in the audience think that he is pulling out a cover for a fun Monday night performance.

Through the first verse and chorus, Jelly Roll is just having a good time on stage, interacting with the crowd, and dancing. After the first chorus, he nonchalantly introduces the man emerging from the back of the stage with a massive chain.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Nelly!” 

Nelly walks right up to the circle, holding a bottle of what appears to be liquor (which is very out of the norm for what you see on the Opry stage), and jumps RIGHT into it.

The two join together after Nelly sings a verse and rounds out the performance. By the end, the whole venue is on their feet, and the band is jamming out to the funky R&B melodies.

What a night to be at the Opry.

Honestly, after seeing this, I’d be so okay with getting an album of rap classics with Jelly Roll on them.

@mandyturner86 #jellyroll #nelly #stjudeschildrenshospital @Grand Ole Opry he was phenomenal! Such a great guy! @Jelly Roll ♬ original sound – Slamanda❤️😂

Check out some comments fans left on how much they loved it.

“Nelly loves collaborating with country, and I’m here for it.”

“Nelly at the Grand Ole Opry is something I didn’t know I needed to see.”

“Nelly and Jelly, I love it.”

“How freakin’ cool.”

“Nelly in the overalls, I see you.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock