Jelly Roll Surprises Fans With Afroman For Performance Of “Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags)”

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“Colt 45 and 2 zig zags…”

This was the surprise appearance I never knew I needed. In August, while Jelly Roll was in Lubbock, Texas, he brought out one of his most iconic guests. I genuinely am surprised that these videos have not surfaced sooner across social media because bringing out Afroman on a college town stage to sing one of the most (now) iconic frat party songs is legendary.

Jelly Roll has often covered the “Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags)” during his shows. As someone who has gotten weed thrown on stage before, fans know how Jelly Roll likes to get down… I present exhibit A:

So, knowing this made it a perfect song choice. So when fans in the audience heard the intro, they were ready to sing along but did not know they would be singing along with the originator of the track.

For his encore, Jelly Roll comes out and leads into the track, not even hinting that Afroman could be joining him on stage, letting it be a total surprise for the crowd. After the first few lines, the crowd is hyped up and ready to go, singing the rest of the words, when all of a sudden, from side stage, Afroman, wearing a pink suit, waltzes out on stage.

@_makeupbyhailee The nicest man ever😂 #fyp #makeupbyhailee #jellyroll #bunniexo #afroman #colt45 ♬ original sound – Hailee Clark

Jelly Roll and Afroman sing the first two verses together, and then Jelly Roll steps back and lets Afroman finish up the track, leading to a jam session. Afroman is handed a guitar and lets it RIP.

Talk about a legendary ending to a Jelly Roll show.

Check out the entire performance.

@gracierange tour checkkkkk ⚡️📷 afroman made an appearance in lubbock tx!!!!! #gracierangephotography #videographer #photographer #fyp #jellyroll #jellyrollandbunnie #tour #tourlife #afroman #colt45and2zigzags #crazyrap ♬ original sound – Gracie Range

It feels wrong to write this and not include the original hit from Afroman, so listen while you’re here.

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