Snoop Dogg Isn’t Quitting Weed (Duh)… It Was All An Advertisement For Smokeless Firepits

Snoop dogg
Snoop Dogg

Welp, I guess we all should have seen something like this coming…

Just a few days ago, Snoop Dogg set the internet on fire when he made an announcement seeming to say he would no longer be smoking weed.

It was a short post that read simply:

“After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Obviously, that would be quite the lifestyle switch for Snoop, as he’s more or less created his entire persona around marijuana, keeps a personal blunt roller on staff that he pays around $50,000 per year, and has many legendary stories that started with a few puffs and passes, like he and Willie Nelson’s epic 4/20 night in Amsterdam which ended in a KFC run.

The world took the news pretty hard and many thought it may have done some damage to his lungs over the years, but just now we learned the true reason behind the announcement.

Turns out, it wasn’t related to weed at all. It was actually about firepits.

Yeah, quite the Uno reverse there, but from a post Snoop just made on social media, it seems he’s now a spokesperson for a smokeless firepit brand called Solo Stove. And it worked because I’m writing this f**king pointless, yet somehow culturally relevant, blog about it…

I mean, this was not at all what we thought he meant by smoke, but looking back, his original post never actually said anything about weed, so it seems we all jumped to conclusions a bit too fast.

Plus, in this day and age, everything seems to be an advertisement of some variety, so I guess we could have seen thought it would be a marketing campaign to push some type of product, but many people, including myself, though it would be for his own line of edibles or vapes or something.

The D-O-Double G sure keeps us all on our toes…

Here’s a throwback to his song with Willie Nelson called “My Medicine”

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A beer bottle on a dock