Snoop Dogg Gives Update On His Full-Time Blunt Roller Making $50K A Year: “Inflation… Their Salary Went Up!”

Snoop Dogg

A few years back, Snoop Dogg went viral for probably the 1,432,175 time in his life, after telling Howard Stern that he hired a guy for $50K a year, simply to follow him around and roll blunts for him.

First off, can we acknowledge the fact that the MF’n D-O Double G is so stinkin’ rich that he can pretty much throw away $50K a year on a task he could probably easily do himself?

Ya know, considering he’s a marijuana enthusiast and what not.

Although it’s hard for us regular people to fathom the idea of having that much money, don’t get it twisted, Snoop Dogg’s got it.

He said it on Stern’s show himself back in 2019:

“If you’re great at something that I need, I’m hiring.”

W for this guy, whoever he is.

Considering the median average income in America is around $43,000, this guy is living the damn dream: Roll blunts for cash, be stoned 24/7, hang out with Snoop Dogg… I mean, I’m sure dude was at the Super Bowl earlier this year (we all saw Snoop take a hit as he walked on stage).

With that being said, Snoop recently gave us all an update on his employee’s status, after the twitter account UberFacts brought up the story again.

And his response?

“Inflation. Their salary went up!!”

Not to mention, it’s been about three years since the story broke, so there’s no telling what my guy is making now.

What if you’re aggressively average at mundane, uncomplicated tasks, and not really too great at one particular thing? What does that pay a year Snoop? I think many of us would like to know…

They also dropped some knowledge for first-time users.

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