NFL World Reacts To Jets Starting Tim Boyle At QB After Zach Wilson Was Reportedly “Catatonic” On The Plane Ride Home

Zach Wilson Boyle
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A story came out hours prior to the New York Jets’ 32-6 loss in Buffalo on Sunday about how Aaron Rodgers would return by Christmas Eve if Zach Wilson could keep the team afloat. Welp. Wilson proceeded to play so poorly against the Bills that he got benched for Tim Boyle, who’ll start on Black Friday when the Jets take on the Dolphins.

It was not a fun time writing about the Jets’ Wilson-Boyle QB combo from Week 11. Part of that write-up featured Boyle praising Wilson at the podium postgame for how the youngster has handled the, um, adversity-filled 2023 season.

I guess whatever front Wilson was putting up to maintain the appearance of a good mind frame fell apart on the flight home.

Nobody likes to be kicked while they’re down. Jets fans have been taking figurative boots to the gut/groin area/face for literal decades in search of a long-term answer at quarterback. Wilson was drafted second overall to end that spell.

Safe to say the ship has sailed…

Riding the pine behind Boyle while trailing 29-6 is one thing. To have this man start over you? Zach Wilson, your NFL career is officially over!

I get that the Jets went all-in on Aaron Rodgers. If he were playing this whole season and didn’t tear his Achilles in Week 1, they’d be right in the playoff mix. Unfortunately, part of the bargain with Rodgers meant that Gang Green would have to bring his Green Bay lads aboard.

How’s that working out? Allen Lazard has one of the worst wide receiver contracts in the league. Randall Cobb is hurt and hasn’t played. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is a disaster without Rodgers there to audible out of bad play calls.

…And Rodgers’ pal, Tim Boyle, is the new Jets starting QB. Somehow, he’s held in even lower esteem than Wilson, who’s clearly one of the worst picks in NFL Draft history by any measure.

I can’t get enough of how folks are reacting to the Jets’ QB situation on social media. I shall assemble some of the greatest hits below and do hope you enjoy them.

Good luck to you Tim Boyle, with your 50.9 career passer rating and all that. I’m sure your familiarity with Nat Hackett’s system will give you the edge you need to prove you belong as a starter in this league.

Seriously, a statuesque QB playing behind a battered o-line full of backups, with a subpar play-caller? What could go wrong? Everyone bury your heads in Black Friday sales. Avoid this Jets-Dolphins matchup at all costs unless you’re a Miami fan. It’s going to get ugly.

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