The New York Jets Emotionally Abused Their Fans In Week 11 With A Zach Wilson-Tim Boyle QB Combo

Zach Wilson
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Upon reviewing the couple New York Jets news items that came out earlier on Sunday, it’s almost like their PR team was trying to get ahead of something. Like a preemptive dump of dopamine on their fan base about how they’re going to pursue a trade for Davante Adams and how Aaron Rodgers is allegedly returning by Christmas Eve.

Those potentially good vibes aside, there was no masking the turd sandwich New York’s offense served up in a 32-6 loss at Buffalo. If you can freaking believe it, the Jets at long last benched Zach Wilson…and proceeded to witness Tim Boyle fare worse than one of the biggest busts in NFL Draft history.

Wilson was so bad that he became the subject of multiple memes in a single game. Forget Mark Sanchez’s Butt Fumble — Wilson might’ve topped him twice in one afternoon! What a guy!

Look at this garbage. Non-urgent dropback. Stare down. Stare down. Stare Down. Late throw to the outside. Defensive back jumps the route. INTERCEPTION.

GTFOMTVS (Get The F*ck Off My TV Screen).

Then of course anyone who’s followed Tim Boyle’s football career since the high school level would know this dude had no chance when his number was called upon.

The hilarious thing is, Jets coach Robert Saleh thought things might actually get better by thrusting Boyle into duty. Surely you couldn’t do worse than Wilson, right? WRONG.

Here’s where you are, Jets Nation. You have a quarterback at the postgame podium — he has no business playing in the NFL, save for being Aaron Rodgers’ buddy — applauding the “moral victory” of how well a terrible young QB has handled being benched, on top of an onslaught of 100% deserved criticism.

I feel like the respect for Wilson can only extend so far when he goes out and plays like trash every single Sunday. It’s such bad ball. It’s so hard to watch as the in-market game in the NJ/NYC area.

Wilson should be prohibited from ever starting another NFL game. The experience is visceral in the worst way. I’m visually offended by what I see. So are millions of others across the country and world.

… And again, let me reiterate, Tim Boyle was worse once he subbed in.

Boyle has been, relatively speaking, objectively terrible at the sport of football since he left high school. I thought Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe had bad picks last week. FFS, Timmy B.

Poor Robert Saleh. Look at what this beautiful man is reduced to:

DID Tim Boyle do some good things, though!?!? I don’t blame Saleh for having a bit of QB evaluation disorientation.

Saleh has coached his face off to get that defense in good shape. They got overwhelmed today by Josh Allen and the Bills. Not easy to keep morale up and hang tough when you’re on the field for almost 37 minutes and your offense goes 0-for-11 on third down.

Brutal, too, when the Jets’ most effective QB is by far their punter:

Star running back Breece Hall is even out here apologizing to fans, because what else can he do?

How’re we feelin’, ye most visible Jets personalities??

We can all easily acknowledge that the way 2023 was supposed to play out was Aaron Rodgers calling the offense. Nathaniel Hackett can’t coach his way out of a paper bag. Hackett would put in some dumb play; Rodgers would be smart enough to audible out of it.

Rodgers would be able to rip up defenses with a quick-hitting passing game to open up the run and not expose his 0-line as much. The Jets would rally around him. They’d be a playoff team. No doubt in my mind.

…Instead, Gang Green has had to grind their way to a 4-6 mark. The prevailing public opinion is that Rodgers shouldn’t make an unprecedentedly fast return from a torn Achilles and just wait till 2024. That wasn’t the case before Sunday’s kickoff in Buffalo. It took yet another dud of a performance from Wilson to solidify that sentiment, and Boyle was the proverbial nail in the coffin.

The 2023 New York Jets are dead. No R-E-L-A-X zen master coming to save you this year, y’all. Sorry to report. And I hope this is the last meaningful report of any kind I do on Zach Wilson playing a football game.

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