A Bunch Of Marines Put A Beating On Group Of Guys Outside An Austin Bar

Marine fight

Going to go out on a limb here and say fighting a group of Marines is probably a bad idea…

This video is one of the countless examples of why going out on the town is just not worth it these days. Dive bars? Absolutely, but dressing up and standing in line to get into a club with a $10 cover and $15 drinks? That’s a no from me dog.

Even taking that out of the equation, any place that has a ton of people and a ton of alcohol and you’re certainly going to get some fights. This video was taken outside the Voodoo Club on 6th street in downtown Austin, and while it’s hard to know exactly what lead to the fight, it certainly ended poorly for who looked to be the aggressors.

A group of uniformed Marines were standing outside, presumably waiting to be let in, when it looks like one tried to get in the middle of an argument between a man and woman in front of them. Naturally, the guy didn’t like the Marine getting in on his business and began yelling at him and squaring up.

To their credit, the Marines seemed to try and deescalate the situation at first, but as soon as one of the other guys took a swing, it was game on. Tons of wild punches were thrown and it was pretty clear who ended up getting the better of who.

Granted, the Marines significantly outnumbered the other group of guys, and the dude who looked to take the worst punch of all was just coming to the defense of his friend, but still, all in all it looked like a clean sweep for the USMC.

Cops showed up quickly and put one Marine and one of the other guys in cuffs and lead them away from the situation and we don’t know if they ended up getting arrested or not.

In general it’s not a good idea to get into a street fight, but it’s certainly not a good idea to get into a brawl with a group of Marines, although I will say their hand to hand combat skills looked pretty weak… might want to take a few martial arts classes if you’re going to keep doing that.

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A beer bottle on a dock