Rumor Has It That The Jets Will Be On An Offseason Warpath To Reunite Davante Adams And Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Davante Adams
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The New York Jets tried and failed to trade for Davante Adams before the recent NFL deadline, but that won’t deter them once this season ends. Gang Green has genuflected before Aaron Rodgers and met all his demands to date. If he wants his ex-Packer teammate in a Jets jersey, rest assured, it’s happening one way or another.

We’ve got Adam Schefter out here reporting on New York’s planned pursuit of Adams in the offseason:

The fact that the Raiders have won their last two games probably won’t sway Davante to stay in Vegas. Sure, Josh McDaniels’ sorry a** is fired, but would the All-Pro wide receiver rather reunite with Rodgers in 2024 and perhaps another year beyond, or roll the dice with Aidan O’Connell or a rookie quarterback the Raiders draft high? Pretty easy call.

Regardless of how the rest of this season plays out in Las Vegas, this Raiders team will likely be in the market for a new coach and GM combination. Jim Harbaugh has been bandied about as a possible coaching candidate. The roster is full of holes, and could turn whatever compensation they get for Adams into either a premium high draft pick, or multiple players to add depth at positions of weakness.

I love how prominent New York media members are out here suggesting that the good vibes about Rodgers possibly returning this season and the buzz on Adams is a coordinated effort to distract people from their current situation.

Wouldn’t put it past the Jets to do something like this. Then again, I think it’s self-evident to anyone with a brain that the only major misstep of the Robert Saleh-Joe Douglas regime is committing too hard to Zach Wilson. They did their best to abandon ship on him by trading for Rodgers in the first place.

Otherwise, look at the rest of the roster, and look at the job Saleh has done building the Jets into a legitimately elite defense.

The prospect of a healthy Rodgers throwing to the likes of Davante Adams and Garrett Wilson, with an explosive runner like Breece Hall in the backfield to boot? Man. Combine that with the Jets’ D, and some improvements/fewer injuries on the o-line you’re looking at a very real Super Bowl contender.

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