Aaron Rodgers Denies Having A Bong On The Sideline Of New York Jets Game

Aaron Rodgers

Would it be the most surprising thing in the world if it were a bong? Not at all.

Aaron Rodgers has been known to dabble in the recreational substances from time to time, praising the effects of ayahuasca on both his personal and professional life. And we also know that he’s into some pretty weird sh*t, like listening to dolphin sex noises to help him recover from his torn Achilles in what seems like record time.

So did he have his “medicine” on the sideline with him this week at the Monday Night Football game between the New York Jets and the San Diego Chargers?

That was the question on everybody’s mind when Rodgers was seen dropping a box on the sideline when a glass…something fell out of it.

The internet ran wild with conspiracy theories – and jokes – speculating over exactly what it was that Rodgers dropped.

Well today he cleared things up during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

“That was not a bong, first of all.

Let’s go through a couple of things. Number one, I was dapping up by buddy Hugh. Hugh plays George McFly in the new Broadway play ‘Back to the Future.’ So shout out to Hugh.

Number two, there’s a gentleman named John Sutcliffe, he is the ESPN Deportes sideline reporter and he’s tried to interview me in Spanish a few times with some funny results.

I dap him up, it’s partly his fault, because I was walking off the field with my Maestro Dobel tequila that John Sutcliffe gives me every time he sees me on ‘Monday Night Football.’

I’m walking off and I hear a British guy yell my name. So I turn over and there’s Hugh, my buddy. He’s British, but he’s incredible in ‘Back to the Future’ without the accent.

Anyway, I see Hugh, give him a hug, dap him up, go to pick it back up, sh*t falls out and I lose half my tequila. So, shout out to John for bringing me tequila, shout out to Maestro Dobel, shout out to Hugh, shout out to bongs everywhere, but that was not one of ’em.”

Longest explanation in history just to say: It wasn’t a bong, it was tequila.

Like I said, it definitely wouldn’t have been totally unrealistic to think that Rodgers might have had a bong on the field. But he says there are other things that should have come to mind first:

“It’s a little weak on the conspiracies. I feel like it should’ve been something more like, you know, dolphin semen or Giants tears or something better than that.”

What a weird dude…

A medical miracle, sure. A future Hall of Fame quarterback? No doubt.

But a weird dude? You bet your ass he is.

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A beer bottle on a dock