Willie And Annie Nelson To Release ‘Cannabis Cookbook’ This Fall

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Willie Nelson

The most Nelson family project there could ever be.

Today, Willie Nelson announced he has a new cookbook on the way which he worked on in conjunction with his wife, Annie, called Willie & Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook: Mouthwatering Recipes and the High-Flying Stories Behind Them.

Obviously, it’s pretty common knowledge that Willie loves his marijuana, and actually owns his own cannabis company Willie’s Reserve.

The book will feature recipes from their favorite meals to eat on the road, at their ranch Luck just outside of Austin, Texas, and some even inspired by their favorite cities they’ve traveled through over the years — all of which, of course, will feature ways to incorporate cannabis:

“In the Nelson family’s first ever cookbook, we’re cooking with good vibes only. Drawn from their favorite meals on nationwide tours, at the ranch, at home, and in their favorite cities along the way, these recipes have stories to tell—and what better way to enjoy a good meal than with a high-flying tale and a relaxing buzz?

Each recipe provides a cannabis kick to ease the mind as much as the body, making their cookbook an exciting, comforting, and lively way to dive into their story, as they draw from meals shared with family, friends, and fans alike.

The recipes themselves are delicious and easy to make at home. Buffalo wings, chocolate cake, fried chicken. Only the good stuff. And it includes an additional chapter providing a full suite of cannabis-infused base ingredients—cannabutter, finishing oil, simply syrups, sugars, salts, and tinctures.”

The cookbook was authored by Willie and Annie with David Ritz, Mia Tangredi and Andrea Drummer, and will also feature stories behind the recipes, which will be neat look into their family life, too.

It’s slated to release on November 12th, and is available for preorder now:

“Just announced… ‘Willie & Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook’ is set to release on 11/12! HIGHly recommend you pre-order at the link in bio.”

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