Man Finds Skunk Attacking Deer Fawn In Wild Nature Video

Skunk attacks deer

To be honest, for as many times as I’ve played the “which animal would win in a fight?” game, I can’t remember skunks versus deer being brought up, but here we are.

Just hearing the word skunk makes most people wrinkle their noses and for good reason. If one feels threatened, it will face away from the threat and give a the tell-tail sign (sorry for the awful pun) that something bad is coming the aggressor’s way. If that threat doesn’t back away, the skunk will unleash a nasty spray that is memorable, to say the least.

The spray contains a chemical called N-butlymercaptan, which is a combination of various sulfur based compounds that give it the unique rotten egg or spoiled cabbage odor that you’re lucky if you’ve never smelled. It’s not dangerous, other than causing some severe eye irritation if you get a direct hit, but it sure is pungent and can linger for days or even weeks.

But it turns out these smelly little creatures of the weasel family are capable of some physicality if required, as we see in this video.

A skunk’s diet consists mainly of insects, worms, frogs, eggs, berries, grasses, fungi, and any small creature they happen upon, but this clip shows a much different side of their behavior.

While out in his back pasture, a man named Joe Sangl heard loud bleating coming from a wooded area and went to see what was going on. Much to his surprise, he saw a skunk pinning down a deer fawn and getting ready to do some damage.

I get that fawns are small and quite vulnerable to a ton of animals, but I would never have expected a skunk to take a swing at one. We’ve seen them fight off wolves (with spray) and battle a groundhog, but never would I think one would take on a deer of any size.

Now, I’m a fan of letting nature run its course but given the weirdness of the situation, and the fact that people like deer a whole lot more than they like skunks, Mr. Sangl risked it all and saved the fawn. The skunk may also have rabies, so that’s something to consider as well…

Here’s how he described the ordeal.

“INSANE. Heard bleating in my back pasture and discovered THIS happening! I risked it all on Mother’s Day and chased the skunk away with sticks and rocks without getting sprayed! Fawn ran away fine. Nature is always surprising me.”

As we’ve said a hundred times, nature never fails to impress.

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