Farmer Saves Duck Being Attacked By Large Black Rat Snake

snake wraps up duck

The work of a farmer is never done and sometimes what’s needed is completely unexpected.

Deb and Al Potter started Merciful Hearts Farm in 1998 and at the core of their South Carolina farm was one thing: true care and love for their animals.

Today, Merciful Hearts has a variety of farm animals, including chickens, sheep, goats, and ducks, which keep them busy. They sell free range eggs and yarn to their Greenville area community while keeping the world informed on their social media pages about the happenings on the farm.

Most are pretty typical, a pregnant ewe needs to be carefully sheered or behind the scenes on the yardwork it takes to maintain pastures, but a few weeks back the couple stumbled upon a scene straight out of a nature documentary that was taking place under their car.

The Potter’s had just finished sheering for the day when a commotion in the driveway caught their attention. When they went over to inspect it, they found a crazy sight that I would never have thought possible unless I saw the video for myself.

A 5 and a half foot black rat snake had attacked one of their ducks and had the poor bird completely wrapped up. The two animals were still wrestling with each other when Al pulled them out from under the vehicle with a foot crook and got to work separating them.

Fortunately, rat snakes aren’t venomous so there was no real danger, at least to him, so he grabbed the snake’s head and freed the captured duck.

Safe to say, that snake had eyes bigger than its stomach but can you imagine having the confidence to attack a creature substantially larger than you? It’s not like snakes take small bites of their prey either, so in its little serpent brain it was going to swallow the duck whole? What in the world was it thinking?

Snakes are a constant problem on farms but it’s usually them trying to steal some freshly laid eggs not eat the livestock.

What an incredible sight. All ended well for the duck, but I’m willing to bet the snake didn’t get out unscathed…

You never know what you’re going to see on the farm, that’s for sure.

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A beer bottle on a dock