Aaron Rodgers To Utilize The Healing Sounds Of Dolphin Sex To Help Rehab His Achilles Injury

Aaron Rodgers
The Pat McAfee Show

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has never really done things by the book, and he appears to be continuing his “experimental ways” into his injury rehabilitation.

As you already know, the great hope of Rodgers leading the Jets to the Super Bowl came to a screeching halt this past Monday when the star quarterback tore his achilles four plays into his New York football career. He first broke his silence after the season-ending injury with an Instagram post, saying:

“I’m completely heartbroken and moving through all of the emotions, but deeply touched and humbled by the support and love.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I begin the healing process today.The night is darkest before the dawn. And I shall rise yet again.”

That was a great message to hear from Rodgers, and it was even better to see him today when he made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show to speak to media for the first time since his injury. It appeared that Aaron was in good spirits, and shed a lot of light on how he has been from the moment of the injury all the way to the surgery he had to repair his achilles.

Rodgers also opened up a bit about how he planned to rehabilitate his injury, and let the world know that he was looking into some “different” ways to rehab his leg and hopefully come back sooner rather than later. He even teased a possible return this season, though that would be a historically fast-paced return after an injury of his severity.

Rodgers told the guys on The Pat McAfee Show:

“I am not able to put any weight on it yet…I think we’re gonna keep some of the things we’re doing here (to rehab) tight to the vest.”

Though he said that, the Super Bowl winning quarterback just moments before hinted at a rather strange way that he was looking into helping his body heal faster than the usual “torn-achilles-recovery-timeline.”

Aaron stated:

“I didn’t really want to mention this, but I’m looking into a number of different modalities…

There’s ideas that some of the noises from the dolphins, when they’re lovemaking, the frequency of that is actually healing to the body. So I might be doing some of that.”

Say that again?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone utilize “dolphin lovemaking noises” in their injury rehabilitation, but if it can actually help get Rodgers back onto the playing field faster, I’m all for it. One could assume that the dolphin sounds would be recorded and not “live,” though I wouldn’t put anything past Aaron.

To be honest, though… I think Aaron is just trolling people. We all know that he’s a bit of a hippie who likes darkness retreats and ayahuasca, and the media (who would normally celebrate a “free spirit” so long as you’re vaccinated, I guess) loves to make fun of him for it. And he knows that… so he just steers into it for his own laughs.

Or who knows… maybe he is serious. Maybe dolphin sex is the key to a speedy recovery and A-Rod is playing chess while the rest of us play checkers. I mean, he’s the 4-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl champ… not Keith Olbermann.

You can view the portion of the interview where Rodgers speaks about the healing properties of sexual dolphin noises below:

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