“GET THE F*** AWAY!” – Idiot Tourist Attacked By Bull On The Beach In Mexico

Bull charges woman in Mexico

Your beach stuff is replaceable. Your face is not.

The lady in this clip would have been a lot better off if she would have been thinking that way. Instead, when a bull approached her on the Los Cabos beaches in Mexico, she tried to gather up her things when she should have been focused on getting the hell out of dodge.

She was trying to relax in Baja California Sur’s East Cape region when this bull that had apparently just been harassed by dogs wandered out onto the beach. Those also trying to enjoy the day in the sun did their best to warn the tourist to get away from the bull, but she was too hard headed to listen. And it’s a good thing she was hard headed, since the bull tried to crack open her noggin later on in the clip.

People can be heard yelling instructions to the not-so-smart tourist, encouraging her to not worry about her items and worry about her own safety:

“You are really playing with it right now. Please don’t do that. PLEASE get away. F***ing moron. Are you f***ing kidding me? Get away! You aren’t doing us any favors. Get the f*** away!”

It was right after that last part when the bull really lowered its head and sent the woman flying through the air and down into the sand. As the old saying goes, she messed with the bull, and she got the horns. The footage cuts off shortly after the situation got ugly, but you can’t help but think that she played a role in getting attacked by not listening to the bystanders to get away from the agitated bull.

The video was posted onto X (formerly Twitter) with the caption:

“Bull that was confronted by a trio of dogs had attacked a woman. The events occurred on La Fortuna beach, in Baja California Sur.”

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