Treaty Oak Revival Promises An Acoustic Drop Coming “Soon”

Treaty Oak Revival
Treaty Oak Revival

Treaty Oak Revival has been riding the high of success since the release of their last project, Have A Nice DayThe sophomore album has received massive measures of praise, helping the band keep fans of their debut album and gain many more fans from this one. The album f**ks… plain and simple.

While there has been no announcement of another project being in the works, we all know that singers and songwriters are constantly writing and workshopping new songs for when the time is right to share them.

Treaty Oak Revival has, however, been teasing that they are back in the studio working on “something” from images on social media:

And noting that this next project will be rough and rowdy.

But before we get a new record, the West Texas boys might be releasing some acoustic cuts. They recently responded to a fan Tweet, noting that acoustic cuts were coming “soon.”

While “soon” does have no official time stamp as to how soon, I am hopeful it’s around the corner.

In other Treaty Oak news, during a recent show in Salado, Texas, lead singer Sam Canty debuted a new song called “Happy Face.”

“It could suck incredibly bad. This is our first time playing it in front of an audience. I wrote this song about missing my wife; it’s called ‘Happy Face.'”

Someone in the comments noted that when Canty starts a song off with “Well,” you know it will be a heater, and that statement rings true for “Happy Face.” The rock ‘n roll inspired melody draws listeners in while the tender lyrics talk about life on the road and missing the ones you love.

“Sometimes it feels like I’m running in place
And sometimes it’s like I don’t remember your face
But I can’t go back
Oh no, I’m writin’ a song for you…”

I will need this to be the next single from Treaty Oak Revival. Drop this one soon; I’ll get on my hands and knees to beg if required.

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