Mother Bear Teaches Her Cubs How To Take A Dip In California Pool

bears in pool
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This mother bear is getting an early start on the summer pool season.

With as hot as humid as it can get in the month of May, I don’t blame these bears one bit. Luckily for them, bruins can pretty much do whatever they want since no human in their right mind is going to step in between them and a fresh, temperature controlled pool.

That’s why this mother bear was showing her cubs the ropes, and by the “ropes,” I mean trespassing onto private property to take a plunge into a California homeowner’s in-ground swimming pool. The mama bear went about it like she had done so one hundred times before. There’s a good chance she’s been visiting this pool long before her cubs were even alive.

She jumped right in, but her cubs weren’t so brave at first. They stayed pool side initially, and even got spooked when their mother shook her head to get rid of some bothersome water droplets. The shake sent the two cubs running and diving behind some lounge chairs, only to return moments after to check out the pool once more.

The mother bear was clearly encouraging the cubs to jump in, but wasn’t going to let their indecisiveness ruin her pool day. It’s a great video, and it was all caught on camera (safely) by a California homeowner, as described in the caption for the post:

“A mother bear showed her two cubs how to swim in a couple’s California pool on Monday, May 6th. Homeowner Rick Martinez filmed the inquisitive young animals looking on as the adult bear cooled off in the water at their Monrovia property.”

I love that the mother bear was like, “Get in or don’t, I don’t care.” When a mom goes into relaxation mode, there’s not much you can do to change her course.

Instagram users were enamored with the bear family’s pool day, and left these comments below the video sharing how much they appreciated the antics of the mother bear and her two cubs:

“Precious! And so amazing to share the pool with this magnificent mama and her babies.”

“She knows they are safe in the pool.”

“Pool side with the bear cubs.”

“There’s a bear-shaped floatie! They probably thought it was an invitation.”

Good catch by that last Instagram commenter. I didn’t even notice that the first time I watched through the video…

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