Lainey Wilson Reveals How She Got Her Famous Butt

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If ya got, it flaunt it, amirite?

The always-inspiring Lainey Wilson stopped by Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast earlier this year, and per the usual, she was incredibly entertaining and funny.

During the episode, she revealed that she has a collab in the works with Lukas Nelson, but of course, they had to get into a discussion about Lainey’s mega viral butt, which was all over the internet.

It first started with the video below, which features an absolutely perfect angle of her butt looking fantastic in a pair of leopard print bell bottoms:

And it’s spread like wildfire from there, with guys fawning over her and girls wishing they were so blessed in that area. She’s taken it all in stride, poking fun at herself throughout tidal wave of attention, saying more than once that if it will ultimately point people to her music, she doesn’t care one bit:

“I’m trying to embrace it… whatever makes them listen to the music.

I mean, I didn’t know how to feel about it in the beginning, I thought was gonna be just this little tiny viral thing, and next thing I know, weeks later, I’m still seein’ big ‘ol butts.”

Theo hilariously responded with this one-liner…

“Sometimes they start with the bass section before they get to the treble.”

Lainey added that the video of her in the leopard pants was an “optical illusion,” but I’ve seen plenty of other videos and angles, so I think it’s safe to say she’s just too humble when it comes to her 100% real, all-natural butt (looking at all you Kim Kardashian wannabes):

“With the leopard pants? That was like an optical illusion, I don’t think my butt’s really that big. I think it was the leopard. That was a good day.

Also, this is a wide screen, let’s be honest. Y’all are doin’ me dirty!”

Whatever you say, Lainey…

But the best part came when she told Theo people have been asking her where she got it from, and she gave him a response that was better than anything I could’ve ever imagined:

“What’s weird is, people are like, ‘Where did you get that from? I say, ‘I get the width from my mama and the depth from my daddy.’

My daddy, he’s got a little booty on him.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a QUEEN. They simply don’t make ’em any better than Lainey Wilson…

You can check out the whole episode here, and keep an eye out for the video Theo pulls up… you already know:

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