Lainey Wilson Responds With Dump Truck Meme After Video Of Her Butt Goes Mega Viral

Lainey Wilson country music

Lainey Wilson certainly puts the “bottom” in Bell Bottom Country.

Seriously, the girl has been blessed with a great backside, so much so that it’s been blowing up over on TikTok (and everywhere else on the internet), with men and women alike acknowledging how blessed she is in that area.

She’s been taking it all in good fun, as she recently shared a video on Instagram, addressing the fact that she can’t even scroll on her “for you page” on TikTok without seeing her “fat butt on everything.”

Seriously, I’ve seen photos and videos of her backside just about everywhere on the internet this week… and yes, it’s very much real.

I guess God really does have favorites:

One video in particular blew up, though, where TikTok user @bigbody741 jokingly asked Lainey if she had “CDL to back that dump truck up,” to which Lainey replied on the video:

“I am rolling.”

@bigbody741 I hope she had a fantasstic day #fyp #foryoupage #laineywilson ♬ original sound – Big Body

There’s even hashtags now with Lainey’s name all over TikTok, with girls that have similar body shapes sharing their own butt’s and turning it into a body positive movement of sorts, so it’s cool to see Lainey leaning into the trend and having fun with everything.

I can’t say I’m surprised, though, because Lainey has always had an incredible sense of humor, and today, she took it one step further, and I think it’s safe to say she won the internet this year…

She shared a great meme with herself photoshopped driving a dump truck, along with her new commercial driver’s license, appropriately addressed to the Grand Ole Opry.

Miss Lainey is an absolute queen, from winning the CMA for New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year, to making her acting debut as Abby on Yellowstone and releasing a new album Bell Bottom Country, she has absolute kicked ass (pun very much intended), but this might just take the cake (pun very much intended, once again):

Ya gotta love the good-natured fun of it all, and the fact that Lainey’s been able to turn it into an incredible marketing moment for her music is a big part of the reason that she’s the fastest-rising young superstar in mainstream country right now.

The girl knows exactly what she’s doing, and she has some kickass music (sorry, last one), and she’s gained quite a few fans over the last week or so.

If ya got, it flaunt it, amirite?

And she said it herself in a previous Instagram video that however her new fans found her is alright as far as she’s concerned, she’s just happy to have ’em.

Lainey has also been known to fittingly open her shows with a few verses of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls,” so make sure you check out her full cover while you’re here:

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