Australian Man Lands Paraglider, Immediately Gets Attacked By A Kangaroo

Kangaroo attacks paraglider

I’m starting to get the feeling that kangaroos are trying to take back their land from all these pesky humans.

Okay, in reality I’m starting to think that kangaroos really hate that humans chose dogs as “Man’s Best Friend” instead of them.

We’ve seen near-countless examples of humans throwing down with a roo to protect their pups, like this man saying he’ll “punch your f*cking head in” and this one who got in a 6 minute all out war.

Also, who can forget the iconic video of a man landing a solid right to a kangaroo’s jaw after it grabbed his dog?

Classic internet…

But it turns out, these two legged hoppers don’t just hate dogs, sometimes they seek out humans.

For example, this poor paraglider that got jumped by one right after he landed.

He was completing a flight near Canberra, Australia and had just touched down at the abandoned Orroral valley space tracking station when he was greeted by a roo on a mission.

At first, he thinks it may be a friendly encounter (typical Australian) and starts trying to talk to him.

“What’s up skip?”

But that greeting quickly turned into cries for the kangaroo to back off as he tried to fend off the oncoming attacker.

Fortunately, the roo didn’t want to get into a real brawl and scampered off when the guy fought back, but can you imagine trying to stop an attacking kangaroo while making sure you don’t get wrapped up or smothered by a paraglider?

That takes some serious skill…

Shoutout to this guy, but I still have to ask, what the heck is going on with kangaroos these days?

I guess it’s more than humans that are going crazy.

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