Dude Fights A 7-Foot Kangaroo Who’s Trying To Drown His Dog: “I’m Gonna Punch Your F**king Head In”

Kangaroo fight to save dog
Mildura Martial Arts

I have to admit, I can’t imagine living in an area where seeing kangaroos is about as common as seeing deer on the side of the road here in my neck of the woods.

However, if you live in Australia, it’s not strange at all to see a kangaroo casually hopping around.

With that being said, we’ve seen a number of videos of human to kangaroo interaction in the “Land Down Under,” and boy, they can get pretty intense. Kangaroos are astonishingly jacked… a weirdly kind of built like a person when they’re standing up. Except they have big claws, big strong legs, and a tail they can balance on to throw kicks. They will mess you up.

We’ve seen videos of a dude straight up punching a kangaroo in the face because it has a tight grip on his dog, one of a woman stiff-arming a roo square in the face, another of a dude in an all out fight for six minutes, and more.

And when it comes to kangaroos and dogs, we have yet another wild video for you from Mildura, located in Victoria, Australia.

In this one, you can see a MASSIVE, seven-foot tall kangaroo standing straight up in the water, having a tight grip on a dog, appearing like the two had been struggling for quite some time. I mean, he looks like he’s about to drown this poor pup, but this guy was ready to take matters into his own hands and set the dog free. You can hear him say to the kangaroo in the video:

“I’m going to punch you f*cking head in. Let my dog go.”

Next thing you know, the two get into an all out struggle, as it appears the camera even goes underwater for a few seconds. Luckily enough, the man is able to free the dog, and he looks back at the kangaroo and splashes water straight into its face.

You can see the kangaroo staring down the man, wondering what in the world just happened.

Australia is WILD, man…

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