Man Trades Punches With Kangaroo For 6 Minutes Before Taking It Down: “It Tried To Gouge My Face”

Man fights kangaroo
9 News Australia

The land down under sure is a wild place…

Not only are they obsessed with drinking out of people’s shoes (count Kacey Musgraves out), they have an insane amount of both beautiful and deadly wildlife, from stonefish to snakes to sharks.

But of course, Australia is best known for its kangaroos.

Being from the good old USA, it’s hard to wrap my head around these things even being real, but with so many videos of humans getting into a scrap with them, I’m starting to think the roos may be fighting back…

One of those encounters happened when a man in Heathcoat, Australia came to the rescue of his dogs and found himself in an all out MMA fight with 6-foot tall, mean SOB.

As reported by 9News Australia, Cliff Des heard his dogs barking and came outside to see a kangaroo trying to take them out of his backyard and do who knows what with them.

Side note, what do kangaroos have against dogs? Maybe they just want to be pet and fed too…

Cliff stayed about 30 feet away and tried to shoo it off, but that didn’t work and just seemed to anger the roo more. As he tried to run back to his house, it attacked him and left him with no choice but to fight back.

“I thought this guy means business, he was going to mongrel me if I didn’t, I took him to the ground.

It tried to gouge my face. I put my head down so it gouged me on the top of my head. It bit my finger.

Then it put its back claw through my leg, about an inch-and-a-half through my back leg, shredded my pants down to the cuff.”

I’m going to use the term “mongrel” for the rest of my life now; you just gotta love Aussie slang.

In all seriousness, I’m glad Cliff and his dogs got out of this one relatively okay, although a claw in the leg and a bitten finger don’t seem the best.

Stay safe out there people, the kangaroos may be coming to get us…

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