Black Bears Breaks Into Connecticut Home & Raids Fridge To Steal Some Lasagna

Bear raids freezer
Helena Houlis

Are bears becoming more selective in 2023?

The only reason I ask is because we’ve had a couple of recent examples of bears seemingly knowing exactly what they want, and going out and getting it.

Just last week, we saw a bear enter into a convenience store in Canada, peruse the aisles, and walk out the doors with only a package of gummy bears. And now, we’ve got video evidence of a black bear in Connecticut being a regular Garfield (the cat).

A woman utilized her Ring security cameras within her home to capture footage of a black bear comfortably wandering around in her house. The animal managed to break through a screen door in order to enter the home.

It was as if the bruin was going through an “Open House” tour with how it waltzed around from room to room. The homeowner knew there wasn’t supposed to be anyone at her house when she got an alert of motion detected, and was floored when she opened up her Ring security app and saw a bear making itself at home.

And this bear was pretty smart, and apparently knew exactly what it wanted, because it eventually reached the kitchen and went straight to the fridge.

The bruin then opened up the bottom freezer portion of refrigerator (like it had done it 100 times), picked out some frozen lasagna that was inside, and then evacuated the premises to enjoy it. An open window by the fridge was the route that the bear used to get out of the house and onto the back porch.

Helena Richardson, the homeowner who had to deal with the bear break in, told CBS 58:

“You can see him going from room to room, as comfortable as I am in my house.

It’s very hard to believe. My mom made me some lasagna, I left it in the freezer and the bear just, you know, took it.”

Thanks to the below Facebook post, you can watch the bear walk around Richardson’s home, and ultimately make it out with some take-out Italian food:

Make sure you are “bear aware” if you live in an area co-inhabited with bruins. They know exactly where to look for food, and as you can see, they’ll do just about anything to get it.

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