“You Like That?!” – 8 Years Ago Today, Kirk Cousins Hits Reporters With All-Time Great Line

Kirk Cousins
Washington Redskins

Put some respect on Kirk Cousins name. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback is, in my opinion, perpetually underrated. Sure, he hasn’t exactly won many big games and this year (and many past years) his teams have suffered heartbreaking losses, but just by the numbers, the guy is a stud.

Plus he gets down to some Creed, how can you not get behind a guy like that?

This year alone, he’s currently 2nd in passing yards, first in touchdowns, 4th in QBR, and 4th in completion percentage, and just last week the Vikings knocked off the 49ers, who many people believe to be the best team in the league. It was also a 49ers team coming off a loss, and much had been made about how they respond in games coming off a loss.

But before he was decked in purple every week, Kirk was the quarterback for a franchise that has been marred in pain for many, many years.

The Washington Commanders haven’t had a winning season since an 8-7 records in 2016 and haven’t finished 3 games over .500 since 2012. Much has been made about the departure of longtime owner Dan Snyder earlier this year and while fans have been trying to rally behind their new leadership (trust me, I live in northern Virginia and hear all about it) so far it’s been a mixed bag at best.

But back in 2015, while the team was still named the Redskins, the franchise gave us one of the all-time great sports moments. Kirk Cousins was leading the team and they found themselves on the bad side of a 24-0 deficit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first half.

Instead of getting down on themselves and further imploding, Kirk rallied the troops and lead his team to the biggest comeback in team history, securing a 31-30 win with a touchdown pass to tight end Jordan Reed with 20 seconds left.

Naturally, Kirk was pretty fired up and when he was making his way back to the locker room, he noticed a bunch of reporters and cameramen standing in the tunnel. That’s when he said the line that will forever define him.

“You like that? YOU LIKE THAT!”

Voice crack and all, there was never a moment that summed up the competitive fire in ole Kirk better. I’m always rooting for this guy, and not just because he’s leading one of my fantasy teams this year…

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