Jelly Roll Crowd Chants “F**k Dan Snyder” In Virginia

Jelly roll concert dan Snyder chant

Back in July, Washington Commanders fans (another team name change pending) rejoiced after controversial and problematic NFL owner Dan Snyder finally sold the team to a group of interested investors.

Snyder’s reign of incompetence and scandal-riddled leadership as an owner finally came to an end, and the cursed football team looks to move forward with their existence, even aiming for a fresh start by changing the name again for the third time in the past four years (Football Team, Commanders, TBD).

Though fans of the NFL team in Washington D.C. are hoping to move past the stench and trail of slime that Dan Snyder left behind, they’ll always be down for a unified, organized group chant that aims to send hatred to the former delusional tyrant that somehow headed the Commanders.

While performing in Bristow, Virginia at Jiffy Lube Live, an amphitheater around 30 minutes from our nation’s capitol, the Jelly Roll crowd of over 20,000 fans burst into an objectively negative yet subjectively positive battle cry.

The up-and-coming country music star has been seen a number of times supporting the Tennessee Titans, though that doesn’t mean that he can get on board with tortured Commanders fans in celebrating the exodus of Dan Snyder.

Everyone in the crowd of the amphitheater seemed pretty into it as well. Why wouldn’t you be? Even if you aren’t the biggest football fan, you still probably know enough about Dan Snyder to know that he’s the “villain” if all of this were a movie or TV show. All his legacy will be is brutally mishandling an NFL team, and somehow still walking away with billions of dollars.

That’s why the rest of us have to make sure that we chant “f**k Dan Snyder” any chance we get.

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