Kirk Cousins Once Again Credits Creed For The Vikings Win Over The 49ers: “They’re Taking Us Higher”

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Last night, the 2-4 Minnesota Vikings squared off against the 5-1 San Francisco 49ers in a Monday Night Football showdown. I have to admit, I really thought the Niners would run away with this one after a let down loss to the Cleveland Browns last week.

But boy, I was wrong. The Vikings put together an amazing defensive performance by intercepting Niners quarterback Brock Purdy twice, and played great offense as well en route to a 22-17 victory. The Vikings are looking like a much better team over the past two games, even with star wide receiver Justin Jefferson out with injury. It’s almost like they’re being driven by something…

Because they are.

And what is driving the Vikings? The same thing that’s driving the Texas Rangers to a World Series… Creed.

I’ll be the first to say I’m loving this Creed comeback. The band lived through several years of internet because of their so-called “cheesy” lyrics, even though everybody deep down loves at least one of their songs. But nowadays, it’s cool to like Creed, and we can initially thank the Texas Rangers for that after they began to credit their impressive late season run that’s ultimately led to a World Series appearance by playing the band’s songs in the clubhouse before games.

And last week, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins said in a press conference that the team has adopted Creed’s music as well to start a run after a slow start to the season:

“Garrett Bradbury, in the locker room pregame, took a clip from the Texas Rangers and made sure that Creed got played before we went out on the field, and I felt like that may have made the difference. So, we’ve got that going for us.”

And if you thought this was just a one time thing, think again, because Cousins admitted after last night’s win that the team is still blasting Creed, specifically their hit song “Higher:”

“And I got to say it, y’know; Creed. I’m getting my ankles taped pre-game — because I try to get them to be as late as possible — and I’m sitting there on a table and suddenly it comes on.

We go to pray in the corner of the locker room — any guys that want to pray — and so we had to turn the Creed off, and Harrison Smith made a great point. ‘Guys. This is the prayer.’

They keep playing higher and I’m going, ‘Creed a lot of hits, They got a good catalog don’t have to only play ‘Higher.’ But they’re taking us higher. So we’ll take it.”

I guess we’ll see just how high Creed can take the team the rest of the season.

Cue it up:

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