Maren Morris Files For Divorce From Husband Ryan Hurd

Maren Morris Ryan Hurd
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Maren Morris is not only leaving country music…apparently she’s leaving her husband too.

The former country singer recently announced that she was leaving country music, saying that the genre was “burning itself down” without her help:

“I don’t want to say goodbye, but I really cannot participate in the really toxic arms of this institution anymore. I couldn’t do this sort of circus anymore, feeling like I had to absorb or explain people’s bad behavior. And you know, laugh it off.” 

And earlier this month, Morris also filed for divorce from her husband, country singer and songwriter Ryan Hurd.

In a divorce complaint obtained by Whiskey Riff and filed in Davidson County, which is where Nashville is located, Morris cites irreconcilable differences in asking the court for a divorce, and lists the date of their separation as the date the complaint was filed, which was October 2.

The singer also asks the court to approve a parenting plan that will be filed by Morris and Hurd for their 3 year old son, who the complaint states has lived with both parents at their marital home up until they separated.

Hurd has yet to respond in court, and neither party has publicly acknowledged the divorce filing. But just recently, Hurd made a public Instagram post defending his soon-to-be-former wife amid criticism she received after announcing that she was leaving country music:

“She deserves to be celebrated, not just tolerated. I love the response from people who don’t just love these two songs, they needed them. I knew it would strike a chord.

Most people would just shut up and keep collecting the paycheck because the wave of vitriol is real, and it’s hard. I’m so sick of watching my wife get the shit kicked out of her by the internet.

I’m sick of every talking head having some kind of stupid opinion about what she says. It’s the same every time, why are you surprised when she calls out something racist or homophobic, I’m sick of people getting rewarded for it.”

Hurd continued:

“To me, ‘The Bridge’ is beautiful and so rock and roll. She deserves a little sunshine for the burden she has carried for every artist and fan that feels the same way. I can’t wait for that first tour and to see all of the smiling and beautiful people who needed these songs and also need HER.

I can’t wait to make music that follows the same path, whatever that is. Feel free to leave a comment below to express your hatred or love for whatever I said, they will be duly noted, filed, sorted, and discarded.

Love you, MM. Keep on keepin’ on.”

After telling people to comment on the post, Hurd then turned off comments.

The complaint filed by Morris also reveals that the parties entered into a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage, and an amended prenup after they got married, and Maren is asking the court to enforce those agreements and award her any separate property.

HARDY’s Wife Caleigh Jokes About Maren Morris Leaving Country Music

Safe to say that HARDY and his wife aren’t going to be on Maren’s Christmas card list this year. (Or holiday card, or whatever Maren Morris sends out).

Caleigh Ryan Hardy, the outspoken wife of country music superstar Michael Hardy, has called out Maren Morris before for what Caleigh sees as hypocrisy from the now-former country singer.

For a little backstory, obviously Maren was involved in a public feud with Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, last year for what Maren called transphobic comments from Brittany Aldean.

Then, a little while later, Maren took to social media to defend Meghan Markle amid criticism surrounding her Meg and Harry Netflix series.

And that’s when Caleigh jumped in to point out that Maren seems to only care about women who are being attacked when they agree with her politically:

“I never commented on that whole Instagram battle when it was going on, ‘cuz it just wasn’t my place, and you know, it didn’t involve me. And it still doesn’t, so I’m not gonna comment on that specific instance.

But when I saw that post, I just, I couldn’t help myself. Just based on the sheer hypocrisy of that quote. I mean, I literally, I couldn’t help myself. And this is not directed at anyone specifically, it’s not.

I think it’s just a general blanket statement that if you are someone who claims to be a feminist, love women, be a champion of women, and then the second you find out your beliefs differ from another women you go after them, you go after their character, you go after their business, you do not love women and you do not care about women.

You care about being right.”

Well in a recent interview, Caleigh doubled down on her comments about Maren, and also discussed Maren’s recent announcement that she was leaving country music.

During an appearance on The Spillover with Alex Clark podcast, Caleigh was asked her thoughts on Maren saying that she was leaving country music – and she didn’t hold back, sarcastically responding:

“Let me grab my tissue.”

She then reiterated that she believes Maren is a “fake feminist,” and defended country music from Maren’s claims that the country music industry is racist, transphobic, and misogynistic – implying that maybe Maren is the problem, not Nashville:

“I know the people of Nashville, and I know the people that are in the music industry, and I know country music, and they are beautiful people, and they are so kind. The country music industry is not far right. It is not at all…

A huge part of it is extremely liberal, and there are a lot of people with left-leaning views, and everyone gets along.

Honestly, that to me is one of the most special parts about the country music industry, is everybody has great characteristics and strong values, and people get along.

They’re kind-hearted people who are an open community, and I think it’s just a shame that if you feel that ostracized by Nashville, I think maybe there’s just some looking inward that you need to do.”

Safe to say that Caleigh isn’t too sad to see Maren leave country music.

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