Hardy’s Wife, Caleigh, Calls Out Maren Morris For Feminist “Hypocrisy”: “You Do Not Care About Women, You Care About Being Right”

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Caleigh Hardy is calling it like she sees it.

Caleigh recently tied the knot with HARDY (whose real name is Michael Hardy), a couple months ago, and she tends to stay out of political arguments and disagreements for the most part on social media.

But this time, she’s had enough.

And for a little back story and context before we get into it all, you should know that Maren Morris recently made headlines after watching the new Netflix documentary, which shows Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s side of the Royal family drama.

As I’m sure we all know (whether you want to or not), that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved across the pond a few years ago to California, and are largely estranged with the rest of Harry’s family.

And apparently Maren, who as of recently hadn’t even seen the documentary yet, has decided to take up defense for Meghan, saying in part in a TikTok video:

“Ok, I haven’t watched the Meg and Harry Netflix series yet, I’m about to get on my flight, but I do have some questions…

This profound hatred and annoyance at Meghan Markle specifically, mostly coming from women, I have to say… it’s unfathomable to me. 

People are saying a woman should never take a man away from his family, that’s all that this is. Um, have you seen his family?”

And that’s not the part that got Caleigh, though.

It was compounded by the fact that Maren, who is very outspoken about her political beliefs on social media, got into a huge social media fight with Brittany Aldean a short while back after Brittany posted a video of herself putting on makeup on Instagram, saying she was thankful her parents never “changed her gender when I went through my tomboy phase.”

You can read more about in in-depth HERE, but basically, the two went back and forth on transgender rights and larger gender rolls in society. Maren even skipped most of the CMA Awards because of it, which you can read about HERE.

And that all brings us to Caleigh and her posts.

Caleigh shared a graphic on her Instagram story yesterday, with Maren’s quote from the aforementioned TikTok, that read:

“This profound hatred and annoyance at Meghan Markle — mostly coming from women, I have to say — it’s unfathomable to me.”

And not only that, but Caleigh typed out a separate message, calling Maren out for only defending her female peers when she agrees with them, saying:

“So openly expressing hatred and annoyance towards women (by other women btw) must be reserved for her when she doesn’t agree with her peers beliefs…”

Maren Morris Caleigh Hardy country music

The stories are still up on her page, but it doesn’t stop there.

Caleigh shared a few other videos explaining her feelings about the whole situation, saying she wasn’t going to comment directly on the Brittany/Maren feud, because it didn’t involve her.

She did, however, say she couldn’t help but say something based on “the sheer hypocrisy” of Maren’s recent quote about Meghan Markle, adding that Maren only defends and supports other women when they think exactly how she thinks and believe in exactly what she believes in:

“I never commented on that whole Instagram battle when it was going on, ‘cuz it just wasn’t my place, and you know, it didn’t involve me. And it still doesn’t, so I’m not gonna comment on that specific instance.

But when I saw that post, I just, I couldn’t help myself. Just based on the sheer hypocrisy of that quote. I mean, I literally, I couldn’t help myself. And this is not directed at anyone specifically, it’s not.

I think it’s just a general blanket statement that if you are someone who claims to be a feminist, love women, be a champion of women, and then the second you find out your beliefs differ from another women you go after them, you go after their character, you go after their business, you do not love women and you do not care about women.

You care about being right.”

She added that it had nothing to do with anyone’s specific political beliefs, but rather the fact that there shouldn’t be rules on the women you support if you claim to support all women:

“And this is not about who’s beliefs are right or wrong, it’s just about being a good person.

And I think that there’s a lot of power in being a women and relating to other women, so I wish we would just use that to our benefit instead of our demise, honestly. And like it kills me that people always try to make this a political thing, like this has zero, zero, to do with politics.

It’s just about being a good person and loving people and just being kind when people are different from you and have different beliefs.”

She closed it out by saying that, if the goal is to cut someone down every time they express a different opinion from yours, you’re probably gonna end up with no friends or anyone to talk to:

“You try to cut out every single person that think differently than you, you’re never gonna be able to talk to another person or have another friend for the rest of your life, okay?

That’s part of the beauty in life.”

Maren has yet to respond directly (though I’m sure that’s coming), and you can watch all of Caleigh’s stories in the TikTok below:

@thecountrymusiccowgirl Caleigh Ryan (#hardy wife) speaking out. #karenmorris #countrymusic #bekind #stopthehate #countrymusicwife ♬ original sound – the country music cowgirl

Stay tuned…

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