Australian Woman In Crocs Stiff Arms Kangaroo

Australian kangaroo

People are just built different in the “Land Down Under.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a video of an Australian person that is not effortlessly tough. It seems as though everyone from that continent is just born hard-nosed. That’s the only explanation I can think of…

You would think that facing off against a kangaroo might strike a small amount of fear in a person, but not this woman. She’s got her Crocs in off-road mode and ready to stand up against any challenger that is brave enough to confront her.

Granted, this isn’t the biggest roo I’ve ever seen. She’s not facing off against “Kangaroo Jack” by any means, though she’s acting and fighting like she’s been in a situation like this a time or two before.

Now that I think about it…is this a normal thing that happens to Australians? Are kangaroos like America’s version of squirrels, where they just kind of run around and do whatever they want, and occasionally we’re forced to cross paths?

If so, this woman is a seasoned veteran when it comes to handling roos. She looks like a regular Derrick Henry stiff-arming this wild animal, and just like the massive NFL running back, it doesn’t look like she’s trying all that hard.

The woman was walking away from the kangaroo at first, but the roo apparently had some unfinished business, and decided that it wanted to try and throw hands (and kick feet).

As soon as the kangaroo gets close enough, the Aussie sticks her arm out very calmly and keeps the roo locked at arm distance. The stiff arm actually manages to create enough space to where the kangaroo’s kicks can’t land, so the Australian woman is in complete control, despite the relentless feistiness from the roo.

You might think I’m crazy by suggesting this, but I believe that the woman’s Crocs shoes play an intricate role in her defense. Sure, the stiff arm gets all of the credit, but it’s her firm foundation (thanks to her Crocs) that allow her to successfully fend off the kangaroo.

Now she just needs to get the Cowboy Boots version of Crocs and she’ll really be good to wrangle every form of Australian wildlife.

Take a look:

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