Davante Adams Got Knocked Into Next Week By Jabrill Peppers And Somehow Stayed In The Game

Davantae Adams Raiders

Only Jimmy Garoppolo could so deftly deliver an all-time hospital ball in the vicinity of Davante Adams. Seriously, Jimmy G and Josh McDaniels? You think Bill Belichick doesn’t see that obvious in-breaking route coming from a mile away? The Hoodie knows every move you’re making three moves ahead of when you’re actually making it, Joshy.

Doesn’t help to have a statuesque, coverage-throwing-into, overrated quarterback like Garoppolo back there. I mean, from pretty early in the offseason, Davante knew he was kinda screwed in Las Vegas. The Raiders ain’t it.

They hired an allegedly evolved version of McDaniels, only to find he’s changed very little. This is what that looks like in real time:

I don’t recall seeing that vicious of a collision since Reggie Bush got laid the hell out by Sheldon Brown. I’m sure there have been others.

In fact, now that I recall, I was just talking to someone about this today: JuJu Smith-Schuster obliterating Vontaze Burfict. For whatever reason someone X posted/tweeted this out mere days ago:

That’s about the only hit I can recall that compares to what Jabrill Peppers did to Davante Adams on this particular Sunday.

It’s a towering achievement that Davante is still on the field after withstanding such brutal punishment. I literally can’t believe it.

Davante deserves better. You might argue that we shouldn’t feel sorry for him since he played with Aaron Rodgers for his entire career before now. Whatever. I’m blown away by the simple fact that Davante can beat press coverage without engaging whatsoever with his upper body. His footwork is so ridiculously quick that he leaves dudes shook and unable to even get a hand on him at the line of scrimmage. Then realize he’s one of the most prolific receivers of the modern era, and it’s just…you want better for this man. You really do.

It’s about to be a loaded 2024 NFL Draft at the quarterback position. Wouldn’t put it above the McDaniels-Dave Ziegler brain trust to roll with mid-rounder Aidan O’Connell going forward. Galaxy-brained prospective move, that. It’s so funny when these ex-New England assistants try to go elsewhere and copy Belichick, rather than, you know, being their own human being.

It was so beyond predictable that McDaniels would link up with his ex-Pat buddy Jimmy G as his QB1 this past offseason. Now you’re seeing the results: Putting your elite-of-elite playmaker in serious harm’s way. Good grief.

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