Crying Colorado Fan Goes Viral After Team Drops 29-Point Lead To Stanford

Colorado fan

You hate to see it… and most of us didn’t.

I mean, who is really staying up until 2am to watch a buzzy, but not really that good Colorado team take on the 1-4 Stanford Cardinal? ESPECIALLY, when the game wasn’t set to kickoff until 9pm CT, AND Deion Sanders and the Buffs were up 29-0 at the half.

You’d have to be crazy to still be tuned into that, but crazy doesn’t even begin to describe how it ended.

After getting totally dominated in the first half, Stanford was down by 29, but came roaring back to win in double overtime, 46-43.

Stud two-way player Travis Hunter even got “Mossed” in OT to tie it up:

Both teams are 1-2 in the PAC-12, basically the bottom of the barrel.

But perhaps nobody is more at the bottom than this dude, who was caught in 4K, bawling his eyes out over the loss. Looks like his lady his trying to console him, but nothing doing, not even a hug from Coach Prime himself could make this lad dry those eyes.

And while most, including his girlfriend, think he’s just sad they lost, we know better… homie had his whole bankroll on this one:

And the internet had a field day with it:

Coach Prime was struggling.

Following the game, head coach Deion Sanders said his players need to decide if they love football or not:

“They gotta make up in their mind are they in love with this game or in like with it. I’m truly 100% in love with this thing and I just want people to match me.”

My man is hurting…

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A beer bottle on a dock