Chris Stapleton Releases Tenderhearted Ode To His Wife With “It Takes A Woman”

Chris and Morgane Stapleton country music
Becky Fluke

The wait is over.

Believe it or not, we first saw Chris Stapleton perform this song way back in 2013. Before his breakout CMA Awards performance with Justin Timberlake, back before the success of “Tennessee Whiskey,” and his debut album Traveller.

The man has song after song after song just laying around, and if he ever wanted to go into the studio and cut them, he could be in there for months… maybe years. And much like “You Should Probably Leave” from his last record, the longtime fan favorite, “It Takes A Woman,” is finally getting to see the light of day.

The third single from Chris Stapleton’s upcoming album, Higher, is here. Written by Stapleton, alongside Ronnie Bowman and Jerry Salley, “It Takes A Woman” is a slow-burning, soulful love ballad that feels like you are stepping back into the love songs found on his 2015 album Traveller. 

“’It Takes A Woman’ is out now.”

The soulful track highlights that you can conquer anything with the right woman by your side, and she pushes you to be the best version of a man.

It takes a woman
A woman who sees
The best part of me
Through all that I am
It takes a woman
Oh, it takes a woman
To be all I can
To feel like a man
It takes a woman
Oh, to be all I can
To feel like a man
It takes a woman.”

Stapleton has never shied from writing love ballad about Morgane, and this one might be the best yet. The simplicity of the composition highlights their heavenly harmonies, spotlighting their musical compatibility as well.

As a follow-up to the funky blues tracks “I Think I’m In Love With You” and “White Horse,” listeners can start to see a love story unfolding in the album.

Throughout “White Horse,” Stapleton sings about how he isn’t ready to be a prince charming, and the girl in love will have to hold on for him to come around. In “I Think I’m In Love With You,” listeners hear the realization that Stapleton sings about, realizing how good you might have it. Walking away from the relationship he is in would leave him broken, and he confesses his feelings.

Today, the story is rounded out, highlighting the union and the power of a strong relationship. If a story is this well told from three singles, I can only imagine what else is in store for Higher. 

With the countdown officially being less than a month away, I am beyond stoked.

Higher Tracklist: 

“What Am I Gonna Do”

“South Dakota”


“It Takes A Woman”

“The Fire”

“I Think I’m In Love With You”

“Loving You On My Mind”

“White Horse”


“The Bottom”

“The Day I Die”


“Weight Of Your World”

“Mountains On My Mind”

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