Chris Stapleton Debuts New Song “Mountains On My Mind” From Upcoming Album ‘Higher’

Chris Stapleton country music

A new tune off the forthcoming album Higher

One thing fans love about Chris Stapleton is that you know he’s not going to miss. Whether they are your favorite or not, any Stapleton tune is sure to be one you’re not racing to press the skip button on.

From the sound of it already, it seems Higher will be filled with fantastic songs. I’ve personally had “White Horse” on constant rotation since its release, and recently Stapleton debuted a new single appearing on the album at one of his shows.

Behold a beautiful acoustic number titled “Mountains On My Mind.”

Stapleton introduced the song to the crowd:

“This one’s a sad one…shocker.”

“Mountains On My Mind” is the fourteenth and final track of the new album, and it is the perfect emotion-filled song to leave the listener wanting more.

The song addresses wrestling with your own thoughts and trying to overcome them.

“I’ve been trying all this time,
Still can’t climb
The mountains of my mind

Just waiting for me
In the middle of nowhere
Where no one knows me
No one really cares.”

The stripped-back melody highlights not only his impeccable guitar picking but also his vocals.

I can’t wait to hear the studio cut of this one because it sounds damn good on stage.

Higher Tracklist: 

  1. “What Am I Gonna Do”
  2. “South Dakota”
  3. “Trust”
  4. “It Takes A Woman”
  5. “The Fire”
  6. “I Think I’m In Love With You”
  7. “Loving You On My Mind”
  8. “White Horse”
  9. “Higher”
  10. “The Bottom”
  11. “The Day I Die”
  12. “Crosswind”
  13. “Weight Of Your World”
  14. “Mountains On My Mind”


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