Lion Hunts Down Duck That Landed In Its Zoo Exhibit

lion catches duck
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It’s never good when an outside animal makes its way into a zoo exhibit.

Though it might seem like a rare occurrence, it actually happens more often than you think. Deer have been brutally taken down inside lion dens before, and some children got a crash course lesson on nature being brutal when a bear ate up a family of ducklings that were swimming around inside its exhibit.

Things were looking pretty bleak for this duck that had landed inside the lion enclosure at the Amsterdam Zoo. There’s an instinctive, eternal battle between cats and birds, and this situation was no different. When the quacking duck splashed down in the water and the lion caught wind of it, it was as if your pet feline had just spotted a songbird outside the window.

The hunt was on, and it didn’t take long for the female big cat to pounce on the duck. Almost immediately, it appeared it was game over for the bird, who went limp upon the initial attacks from the lioness. However, you find out a little later in the video that as the lions in the exhibit bit and fought over the duck, the beaked creature was putting together an Oscar-worthy performance.

Just as the lioness was about to undoubtedly turn the lights out on the duck, the “King of the Jungle” walked over to try and claim the bird as his own. While the cats fought over who could dig into the duck, the bird decided that the answer would be “neither” as it suddenly jolted back to life and flew away from the lions.

The lions were perplexed and astounded that they had been outsmarted, and funny enough, immediately started turning on one another. All in all, it’s a hilarious video, and the male versus female scuffle likely ended up saving the duck’s life (in addition to the magnificent acting the duck put forth itself).

Check it out:

That’s the best magic trick you’ll ever see. Now you see dead duck, now you don’t.

Those that watched the video online left some hilarious commentary below the footage, mostly pointing out that the female lion must have held a grudge against the male that came in and ruined everything, while also commending the duck for its foolproof plan:

“I bet that female lion still brings up ‘the duck incident’ on every argument they’ve had since.”

“For generations to come, this duck’s story will remain as a legend who escaped three giant lions.”

“I also like how the duck goes BACK to the pond like his life wasn’t just in danger.”

“Played dead as soon as it knew there was no way escaping then used the ultimate opportunity to flee. That duck had the last laugh.”

“How in the world did that duck escape? It actually is terrifying that it was fully aware that entire time and still had the mindset to take off and escape.”

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