Chris Stapleton Releases “I Think I’m In Love With You,” The Groovy Second Single From Upcoming Album ‘Higher’

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Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers both releasing new music this fine Friday. What did we do to deserve this?

The consistency Chris Stapleton has with all of his releases is mind-blowing. The second single from Higher is here, “I Think I’m In Love With You.”

Chris Stapleton kept the announcement of this release hush-hush till midnight when he took to Instagram to announce to fans that it could now be streamed.

“Think I’m In Love With You” is out now.”

The bluesy and sultry melodies highlight the incredible love lyrics that Stapleton is capable of writing. The lyrics emphasize the power that the woman he is in love with is holding over him. At first, he might have messed up a time or two, but once he realized what he would lose if she walked away, he was ready to give up nearly everything to make this woman happy:

“Ooh, you are the power over me
You are the truth that I believe
You are my life, you are my world
You are thе air I’m breathin’, girl
You are the light I want to see
You’rе all of everythin’ to me
You are the reasons that I am

The song’s bridge highlights a killer breakdown where Stapleton quiets down the melodies and brings in string components from violins, giving it a dramatic buildup. He repeats the same lyrics again and again, highlighting the message that love does not need to be complicated.

“I think I’m in love with you
I didn’t know it at the time
I know what I want to do
It’s makin’ me lose my mind
I thought about thinkin’ it through
And every time I do I find
I wanna make your dreams come true
I think I’m in love with you
I’m in love with you.”

Stapleton’s bluesy guitar licks are highlighted throughout the buildup in the bridge and from the start of the song, while the whole track rides a funky bass line from beginning to end.

The vocals are the focal point of this single, highlighting that he is more than an outlaw singer that can wail some powerful notes. The softer side of Stapleton on this track highlights his vocal control and the blend created between melodies and vocals. But make no mistake, he picks his spots to let it rip.

This man does not miss.

Higher is slated for a November 10th release, and Stapleton has been playing tracks from the album throughout his All American Road Show Tour.

He has debuted “Mountains On My Mind,” a sad acoustic ditty, along with a trucker anthem, “Crosswind,” on the stage. Also, since the release of the lead single “White Horse,” fans have had nothing but praise for these new tracks.

We are going to be in for a treat with the remainder of this album.

Higher Tracklist: 

“What Am I Gonna Do”

“South Dakota”


“It Takes A Woman”

“The Fire”

“I Think I’m In Love With You”

“Loving You On My Mind”

“White Horse”


“The Bottom”

“The Day I Die”


“Weight Of Your World”

“Mountains On My Mind”

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