Watch Chris Stapleton Perform The Unreleased Hidden Gem, “It Takes A Woman,” Way Back In 2013

Chris Stapleton country music

The man is a vault.

Before he exploded on the country music scene in 2015, Chris Stapleton was writing some of the biggest hits in country music. Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Josh Turner, George Strait… Chris has written hit for just about everybody.

Nevertheless, the man has song after song after song just laying around, and if he ever wanted to go into the studio and cut them, he could be in there for months… maybe years.

Hopefully, one day we’ll be lucky enough to have Chris Stapleton actually record all of these unreleased songs.

In this throwback from 2013, Stapleton proves his unreleased music is better than most of what you’ll hear on mainstream radio these days.

Case in point: this unreleased showstopper, “It Takes A Woman.”

Whenever I’m broken, honey you heal me
When I’m in the dark, you are the light
When I get lost, you know right where to find me
When I have my doubts, girl you make me believe

It takes a woman, it takes a woman
The woman who sees the best part of me
Through all that I am, it takes a woman
Oh, it takes a woman, to be all I can
To feel I’m a man, it takes a woman

I mean, come on with it.

How this guy wasn’t already a country music superstar by 2013 still blows my mind.

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