Australian News Anchors Lose It When Cowboy Kid Tells Hilarious Vegan Joke On Live TV

Australian cowboy
New York Post

This is the type of news content I am here for.

For my money, there’s no more pure moments than when typically very serious news anchors can’t hold it together during a broadcast.

My personal favorite are these legendary Washington DC anchors laughing hysterically at a tumbling model on the runway, and we’ve also see some break character in other ways, like saying “Inflation continues to b*tch slap the American family” or somehow catching a duck while fishing for a shark, but this latest one is close to taking the top spot.

Australia Today anchors Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo were interviewing a young boy wearing a cowboy hat when he spontaneously starts to tell a joke that certainly was not supposed hit the live airwaves, but my goodness am I glad it did.

The kid’s set up and timing are perfect as he sends the anchors absolutely rolling around the studio, unable to contain themselves.

“A vegan and a vegetarian are jumping off a cliff to see who will hit the bottom first. Who wins?”  

You can sense a bit of uneasiness as they respond…

“I don’t know… Who wins?”

Right on cue, the boy delivers the punchline.


And complete mayhem broke loose.

I mean, that is good. Absolutely classic joke but in the last place you’d ever expect it, especially when it’s a 9 year old telling it.

Gosh, I’d love to buy this kid a beer (in about 15 year) so if you see this and make your way to the states, let me know kid. You’ve got a round on me.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock