News Anchors Just Can’t Stop Laughing At Model Falling On Runway… Twice

Model falling

If there’s anything better than people losing it when they’re supposed to be keeping it together, let me know, because I haven’t found it yet.

For example, when typically very serious news anchors can’t help but breakdown and laugh at something said or a video they’re showing, it just puts everyone in a better mood.

And maybe my favorite is Jim Vance and George Michael from NBC’s News4 in Washington, DC cracking up when a model took not one, but two tumbles on the runway.

The video was from the 2006 Paris Fashion Week Show for British designer Vivienne Westwood and shows then 22 year old Polish model Kamila Wawrzyniak unfortunately tripping in her high heels twice as she was making her way down the runway.

Now, I already know it’s not nice to laugh at things like this. I’ve never worn heels and know that I’d make an absolute fool of myself if I did, but their reaction is just so incredibly wholesome and funny that it’ll make anyone watching at least crack a smile, if not full on belly laugh.

Maybe the best moment is when Vance, in the middle of laughter, is able to eek out …

“There she goes again”

My goodness did that get me.

It turns out, the model was unaware that the video of this went viral thanks to these two news anchors, but News4 was able to find out who the lady in question was and ask her about the event over a decade later.

Fortunately, she has a great sense of humor.

“Even though I’m in this video, I find it very hilarious. It’s, like, the funniest thing I have ever seen…

And with those two guys laughing at me, it was even better. It makes me smile every day.”

Awesome that she’s able to look back and chuckle, good on her.

Unfortunately, both Jim Vance and George Michael are no longer with us.

Jim passed away in 2017 after a battle with lung cancer, having served as a news anchor for over 45 years at WRC-TV.

George died just a few years after this clip went viral in 2009 from a form of Leukemia.

RIP to these two legends and best wishes for Kamila.

I’ll be smiling all day thinking of this.

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