Ben Burgess Drops Honky-Tonk Heartbreaker, “Until That Song Came On”

Ben Burgess country music
Ben Burgess

Last year, singer/songwriter Ben Burgess took the country music world by storm with his impressive debut album, Tears the Size of Texas.

Considering the man has been a career songwriter, it was awesome to see Burgess have an opportunity to bring his own songs to life, and I can honestly say that there wasn’t a bad song on his debut project.

However, Burgess hasn’t slowed down one bit since the album release, as he’s dropped a number of singles so far this year such as “The Willie,” “Son of a Fireman,” and “The Lie,” all stellar songs in their own rights.

And today, the man is back at it again, as he released an all out honky-tonk heartbreaker titled “Until That Song Came On.”

I have to admit, this is one that will make you want to find a spot in the corner of your favorite bar by yourself and water down your beer with tears.

The song’s chorus speaks for itself:

“I was running from a memory
But that Mick Jagger melody
Dragged me right back to where I was running from
I thought that them feelings was gone
Honestly thought I’d moved on
Until that song came on…”

I mean c’mon, there’s always been that one song that everybody has that reminds them of the good times with a former significant other, and it can pull at the heartstrings every time you hear it come on.

Another great single by Ben Burgess himself.

Give it a listen:

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A beer bottle on a dock