Ben Burgess Drops Debut Album, ‘Tears The Size Of Texas’

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Chris Hornbuckle

It’s finally here.

We’ve been anticipating this new Ben Burgess album, Tears the Size of Texas, since he dropped the brutally honest title-track back in July.

For those who aren’t too familiar with Burgess, the guy has been a mainstay songwriter who nearly gave up his dream of being a country artist, but cut his teeth and grinded it out, and now he’s finally getting the national recognition he’s worked so hard for:

“I’d given up on the dream of being an artist. I always wanted to do it and felt like I could, but the pieces never aligned.”

However, the pieces began to align for the songwriter back in 2020, when he got a feature on “Heartbreak,” made famous by world class DJ Diplo, and also got a feature on HARDY’s Hixtape Vol. 2.

Now, he’s got his first full-length studio album, and it’s even better than we could’ve expected.

Burgess himself expressed his excitement for the new release:

“This means everything to me. To have a project with my voice on it that represents me? That’s a lifetime achievement. It’s my life’s work to make it here.”

The record resonates perfectly with its title-track, as it’s full of deep self-reflection and storytelling. Throw a couple murder ballads into the mix and the modern-day cowboy record is born.

“I was raised to be the cowboy that rides away off into the sunset because I grew up with him. This album is as much for me as it is for him; it’s for you, it’s for the cowboy in all of us. I hope it means as much to you as it does to me.”

Not to mention, Burgess has some stud co-writes on the album as well, featuring the likes of Kevin Kadish, Jesse Frasure, Brandy Clark, Josh Kerr, Randy Montana, Ashley Gorley, and more.

He also gave tremendous thanks to Craig Wiseman and Rhett Akins for inspiring him to make the dive into this project:

“The way that Craig writes and has taught me to write through watching him…I think about it in every session. And Rhett…Rhett told me, ‘Write what you love. Eventually your wave will be the wave everyone’s on.’

They shaped me as a writer and now as an artist; I’m honored that they ever even believed in me, let alone that they’ve given me what they have creatively.”

Here’s a few of my favorites:

“Tears the Size of Texas”

“White Picket Fence”

“High Road”

“Sick and Tired”

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