Black Bear Nearly Gives Man A Heart Attack After Sneaking Up On Him While Relaxing Outside In North Carolina

Black bear north carolina
David Oppenheimer

Nothing will ruin your perfect afternoon outside like a black bear sneaking up on you.

A North Carolina man named David Oppenheimer found this out the hard way while relaxing under his carport earlier this year.

According to USA Today, he had earlier received an alert from his doorbell camera that their may be a bear outside, but after looking around and checking the cameras, he decided it was a false alarm and went on about his day scrolling through his phone.

But unbeknownst to him, there was a black bear roaming his yard and Oppenheimer was about to get hit with that knowledge like an atomic bomb. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

Fortunately, the bear was super chill and just seemed to be sniffing around, looking for some trash to rummage through, and seemed almost as surprised as David that someone else was there. Of course, David almost shot through the roof when the two made eye contact, but it only lasted for a few seconds and the bear scampered away.

He had this to say about the incident.

I was a little frightened because it was right there, and I didn’t know what it would do. It was almost in front of me. We immediately made eye contact. 

We are all used to them. They really don’t want to bother people. If I saw it coming, I would be more calm.”

He also said that this same bear had been trying to eat from his birdfeeder and going through the neighbor’s trash earlier in the day, so you’d think he might have taken those doorbell alerts a bit more serious, but no harm no foul and the Ashville resident lived with nothing more than a great story and video.

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