A Jelly Roll Fan Was Spotted Running Across Venue’s Pavilion Roof During A Show

Jelly Roll concert

Next-level fan award goes to…

During my morning scroll through TikTok, as most early-something-year-olds do, I was truly jaw-dropped when this video landed on my ‘for you page.’ And what a way to kick off my Monday morning.

After the weekend, my feed is filled with concert videos, but this concert video has a wild twist.

From the Jelly Roll show over the weekend, someone on the lawn of the amphitheater he was playing captures a fan running across the roof of the pavilion section of the venue.

When the man gets to the center, he turns around, throwing his fists in the air as a sign of success.

As there were many other phones in the air recording the moment, when he turned around, the crowd went WILD cheering him on. The person behind the camera caption the on-screen text with a very important question:

“Whoever this is at the Jelly Roll Concert 9/30, I NEED to know if you got arrested for this.”

I mean…. a very fair question. Let’s not forget the fans from the Koe Wetzel concert who scaled the support beams during a rain delay those guys got hauled off. It’s pretty common for security to be checking for things like this to make sure that everyone remains safe.

Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie XO, noticed the video commenting on the post.

“If he did- I want to bond him out.”

Jelly Roll said, which reading that made me love him even more.

Bunnie XO followed up on the post:

“Is he okay? Do we know?”

The TikToker who shared the video noted that he did make it down safely.

While there is no identification of who the man was from other comments on the post, one user left a comment saying:

“No, I didn’t. Not allowed back, though.”

So if this was the mystery man, that answers the looming question of his arrest. Or, it might be someone trying to piggyback off his big moment.

While a funny video, it is good to hear that he made it off the roof safely. This man really let his intrusive thoughts take over, though…

After this and the video of the fan tossing a baggie of weed on stage, Jelly Roll might soon be taking the crown for wildest fans.

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