Koe Wetzel Fans Kept The Party Going During A Rain Delay In Texas

Koe Wetzel concert

Well… this is one way to spend a rain delay.

Much like Koe Wetzel himself, his fans are hardcore.

Of course, nobody really holds a candle to the rowdy Texas rocker when it comes to having a good time, but his home state fans in Texas sure gave it one helluva try.

Last weekend on the Texas leg of The Road To Hell Paso Tour, The Woodlands, Texas (a Houston suburb) show had severe rain delays before Koe took the stage.

The show occurred at The Cynthia Wood Mitchell Pavilion, which features a small covered section and a large lawn seating area. Due to severe thunderstorms and lightning, the venue’s management issued a series of rain delays lasting over an hour to ensure fans were kept safe.

Some fans, however, were not thrilled with the continuous rain delays. We all know how rain delays often go…the artists never make it to the stage. With the wild crowd that Koe draws, fans were taking the delay to a whole new level.

A large group of men started taking their rain-drenched shirts off, swinging them around, and chanting for the beloved artist to take the stage.

Then a few fans bump up the craziness and begin to scale the cable wires on the infrastructure of the pavilion. A few other fans caught on, creating a chaotic scene, leaving at least one being taken away in handcuffs from the scene.

Standing outside during serious lightning is one thing, but scaling the venue in a lightning storm is on another level.

These fans were waiting for their favorite artist to sing all their favorite songs, but instead, they saw the inside of a cop car.

Check out some of the action:

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Koe said it best…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock