Deer Hops Fence & Stomps Some Yappy Dogs Who Were Harassing Her Fawn

deer attacks dogs

Out in nature and for all of us humans, there’s one universal rule that should always be followed: never mess with a mother.

Whether it’s a mother bear, a mother bison, or a mother deer, anything and everything that tries to get between a mom and its child should know better. Pretty much every mother out there has the ability to tap into a dark place to protect their offspring.

We’ve seen a mother bison go through hell to get to her lost bison calf, and we’ve also seen a mother bear not afraid to stand up for her cubs.

So with that being said, it should be no surprise that a deer mom got scrappy when some dogs got a little too yappy (yes, that was a purposeful rhyme).

A deer and its fawn were walking along in the woods when they came across a chain link fence. That fence is in place to keep the dogs with barks worse than their bites from straying too far away from the house, as well as potentially helping to keep the small animals safe.

However, the fence kind of failed at both of those purposes, because when the fawn got close enough to the chain links, the boldest of the dogs decided to take a chomp of the fawn, which did not end up going over well.

As soon as the yappy dog took a bite, the mother deer wasn’t having it, and quickly hopped the fence and got to stomping one of the three dogs. The other two did their best to bark up a storm, but the mother deer was landing kicks left and right on the small white dog.

It appears that all three dogs end up being okay, though they probably won’t be as confident as they once were before one of them got their sh*t rocked by the deer.

Now as far as who is at fault here, I’d actually have to say that the deer kind of started it. These dogs, though they might be small, were just defending their territory. The deer came up to the fence, and the yappy dogs were just trying to convey that they owned the place.

The deer doesn’t know any better that they can’t get through the fence, so she hopped over to neutralize the threat.

On the other hand, the owner was yelling at the dogs the whole time to stop, and they didn’t listen. If they would have heeded their owner’s warning, they could have avoided getting curb stomped by the doe.

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